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    Who We Are

    Our students were in trouble at home, at school, and sometimes with the law...

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    Decisions, Decisions

    The decisions involved in selecting the right boarding school are never easy...

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    Troubled teens who are academically stalled get a second chance at a first class education...

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    A range of therapeutic resources helps students address their issues and better understand themselves and their behaviors...

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    Our students discover and rediscover a passion for sports, music and the arts with programs that recognize and nurture their talents and gifts...

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    Parent Resources

    To deal successfully with your teenager's problem behavior, you have to first understand it. We can help...

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Courage and Acceptance

Published: Monday, April 30, 2012 7:00 am

The Serenity Prayer is uttered dozens of times throughout the day at The Family School, a reflection of our 12-Step approach to life and our commitment to teaching students both courage and acceptance, which is what it takes to live life on life's terms.  To the extent that we can do that is the extent to which we recover from self-defeating behaviors.  One girl whose drug use landed her in the hospital before landing her here was told by a friend, "You won't get better until you get in touch with your emotions. You have to be honest about what you're feeling---sadness, anger, resentment, whatever. 'Face it, embrace it, erase it, and move on.'" Good advice.