A private New York State registered boarding school. Call us: (607) 637-8200
  • Who We Are

    Who We Are

    Our students were in trouble at home, at school, and sometimes with the law...

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  • Decisions, Decisions

    Decisions, Decisions

    The decisions involved in selecting the right boarding school are never easy...

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  • Academics


    Troubled teens who are academically stalled get a second chance at a first class education...

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  • Counseling


    A range of therapeutic resources helps students address their issues and better understand themselves and their behaviors...

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  • Extracurricular


    Our students discover and rediscover a passion for sports, music and the arts with programs that recognize and nurture their talents and gifts...

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  • Parent Resources

    Parent Resources

    To deal successfully with your teenager's problem behavior, you have to first understand it. We can help...

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Bass' Golf Resort Cabins Lodging Local
2397 Newman Rd
Hancock, NY 13783

Bass' Mountain Top Cabins Lodging Local
300 Cadosia Rd
Hancock, NY 13783

Bluestone Inn Lodging Local
RR 2 Box 2003
Equinunk, PA
570 224 6012

Bouchouxville Road General Store & Lodging Lodging Local
2685 Bouchouxville Rd
Hancock, NY 13783

Brookside Bed and Breakfast Lodging 1/2 hour away
Starlight, PA 18461
570 798 2263

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